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Hi everyone! Welcome to my official web site.


04-11-2016: Today is the premier of the light festival Allt ljus på Uppsala. I have written the music for the setup Känslouniversum in SLU:s project Mitt (i) Universum. It can be witnessed at Artediparken, near Järnbron in Uppsala, between 16:00 and 23:00 everyday until november the 27th.

24-10-2016: I have just recieved a grant from Musikens hus vänner in Uppsala. They are an organization that, among other things, supports young musicians in the start of their careers. I am very happy and thankful for the recognition and for this opportunity to continue my musical work.

11-05-2015: I am currently in Umeå for a workshop with Norrlandsoperan's Symphony Orchestra. Today they rehearsed my piece Theia Lore, and tomorrow a
recording will be made, so it will be available for listening soon.

28-03-2015: Today at 13:00 pm, Norrbotten Improviser's Orchestra feat. Bergmark-Klapper Duo will perform in Black Box in Studio Acusticum, Piteå. This is the premier for this constellation and I will be a part of the band. The concert is a part of New Directions Festival 2015. More info can be found here.

10-02-2015: Last autumn I wrote a choral piece that will premier today at Piteå school of Music as a part of Helena Holmlund's bachelor thesis. There are also eleven other newly composed pieces, by fellow composers that will premier as well, and we have all been alloted a theme from the liturgical year. The theme for my piece is the ascension of Christ.

04-02-2015: After rigging the stage and having a very good dress rehearsal, I feel excited for tomorrows grand concert, where my piece Tragedy of the Commons will premier. This will be the artistic part of my master thesis.

22-01-2015: I participated in a workshop with Norrbotten Neo today. They played my composition Last Piece of the Puzzle. It includes an electro-acoustic part. The recording of this piece will be up soon.

18-08-2014:Today my first from-the-beginning-made surround song is complete. Previous surround releases have been remixes from stereo tracks. But now I can present the piece Vales of Tears in 7.1 (it is still possible to listen to it in stereo, though).

12-06-2014: Now the recording sessions of my newly composed jazz album is complete. Mixing the recording will be done this summer.

20-05-2014: Salvatore Sciarrino is in Piteå, having a three-days masterclass. I am one of the participants and Quartetto Prometeo will perform our pieces in conjunction with this.

24-04-2014: Today I am in Umeå, participating in a workshop with Norrlandsoperan's Symphony Orchestra. Recording will be up soon.

28-03-2014: Tomorrow by 1:00 pm at Piteå Museum Anna Swedén, Josefine Gellwar Madsen and Mikael Roos will premier my piece Detaching Absence for flute, soprano and clarinet.
08-03-2014: My piece Lingering Regrets have been selected as one of six contributions to participate in the finals of Uppsala tonsättartävling 2014. The competition takes place in Uppsala konsert and kongress 7:00 pm 13-03-2014. It is also possible to listen to it live on SR P2 here: Learn more about Uppsala tonsättartävling at

04-03-2014: SMASK in Piteå is tomorrow and I have written the ouverture. Can be seen live in Acusticum, Piteå or at PiteFM also sends live at
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Photo by Paulin Thorsell